Our McAllister and JT2 pipe chanter reeds are constructed from the very finest cane available in the world. In addition, our manufacturing process is closely monitored to be accurate to the thousandth of an inch to make the most consistent and reliable reeds possible.

The select natural material and craftsmanship that goes into each reed results in a purity of tone that we strive for. It’s our goal that our reeds will sound great in any pipe chanter.

Each individual reed is tuned twice before they are shipped. James W. and James P. are both passionate about bagpipe tone and how to get the most out of the instrument. Also, because both are active pipers at the highest level, customers can be assured that our reeds are of the highest quality.

Pure Craftmanship. Pure Tone.


Videos on how to care for your reeds to come soon! Check back soon.

McAllister Bagpipe Chanter Reeds